Friday, March 14, 2014

Romance In the Cards Chapter 1 Part 1

Adventures of a Female Gamer

Book 1: Romance in the Cards

Chapter 1, Part 1

The clock struck noon as Ellie sat in the café. A cool fall breeze rustled her strawberry blonde hair as she continued to sit, drumming her fingers against the plastic table. As she went over the details in her head, she examined the tiny bumps in the round table.

Unsure of herself, Ellie went over the list in her head again. He was good looking, sure, but there were so many problems she didn’t know where to begin. He didn’t go out to bars like she did. He knew all of the latest sci-fi movies, but couldn’t remember their dates. His best friend was someone he never met, unless you counted their online chats. He wasn’t like her, he wasn’t normal.

As she tried to think of more reasons, she felt a swift, wet kiss to the cheek.

“Hey, there, cutie,” the black-haired guy said as he sat beside her. “You order already?”

“Just, uh, water.” Ellie started out. She could feel the sweat forming on her forehead. Is this really what she wanted?

“Cool.” The guy responded, locking his green eyes with hers. He stared for a few moments, and Ellie was even less sure of her decision.

“Ellie,” he paused. Hearing Tanner say her name always made Ellie blush. But what he said next instantly changed the mood. “I just got to level 4 in that new game I got. You won’t believe it, they put a dragon in it already!”

Ellie simply frowned and said, “Tanner, we need to talk.”