Friday, February 28, 2014

The Artist

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The artist sits alone at night,
Wondering which way the wind
will take them.

Peaceful palms sway as
memories of the past are long forgotten.
The artist sits in this moment,
Just sitting. Wondering. Watching. Waiting.

All they need is their time,
Their moment.
Their instant that lets them shine
Like the stars they see above.

Acceptance and sorrow blow through the breeze
Whispering inklings of hope
and happiness to come.
Yet still -
the artist sits.
Wondering. Watching. Waiting.

The artist whispers for more, yearning.
Because sometimes, all you can do,
is sit.

Theresa Neal has written a number of poems over the years. She is currently working on her first poetry eBook, Floridian. The new book will contain a number of new pieces that tell a gripping story about a writer who must choose between her dreams and her lifestyle. Poems included in the collection will include favorites like Pathways and Click, Click, Click.