Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meow Preview - Upcoming Short Story Revamp

I love having a good preview for Meow, but instead of giving you one full chapter like I have in the past, I thought I'd do something a bit different. Here is the OPENING PARAGRAPH of each chapter. Enjoy!

Written By Theresa Neal
Chapter 1

            Gentle clouds pillowed across the bright blue sky as I parked into my usual spot in Cherry Tree Apartments. As I exited my ’89 Chevy pickup. I never bothered to get it repainted and now the chipped yellow paint reminded me of the summertime. The wind blew gracefully, brushing my hair away to the side of my face, and gave me a slight chill. I looked around at the bursts of spring poking out of the ground. The perfect day. I smiled and grabbed my backpack out of the passenger seat along with my purse.

Chapter 2
I dodged quickly and fell flat on the floor. My arm stung slightly as I got back up. I noticed the red puddle on the white tiled floor. I stood right on it like a deer in the headlights while the mysterious figure hovered over me. His eyes were none like I've seen before; they were dark as the night and filled with stains of a deep red. They seemed so hypnotic, I needed to inspect them, and there was something strange and different about them.

Chapter 3
A Game? He's just toying with me? I felt my knees shaking under my thick skirt and the water drops that soaked my face. I was the scaredest I have ever been, and all alone now. No one would come to my rescue, no one would save me. The only person I knew in my complex was Mr. Egg and he, well, isn't here anymore. Everything felt so hopeless.